In difficult times whom do you trust? – and that is the point – when things get difficult we look to work with people we trust. Trust means we can all get things done more effectively and more efficiently. This may not be a comfortable option for everyone but it is very well worth learning whom you can trust for your sales and marketing activities especially if you are not used to trusting people in the media and related fields.

Be assured the industrial media is very different from the mainstream – they are well worth working with for Press Relations and advertising. Indeed the UK has probably the most advanced and mature media in the world, with many trustworthy people doing an excellent job. Trust means that we can regrow our industry more quickly.

I was interested to see recently that the number of notified redundancies is well down – and I have also seen that recruitment is well up. What a turnaround – so what can SMEs do to support this recovery in our manufacturing industries? Maybe it is time to look at marketing again? Contact us to discuss your marketing for recovery.

I am so impressed with our industry – so many innovative and resilient companies are working together to survive and recover from the double whammy of pandemic and Brexit. Now is surely the time to instigate a marketing plan – and of course, both PR and Social Media will help SMEs ride the wave. Contact us to discuss.

Now that we can see a recovery starting to happen we’ve set up a Facebook group to connect people who are in the UK manufacturing industry. I’d appreciate it if you’d pass this link to everyone you know who might be interested

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Industrial PR as a cost-effective way to regrow manufacturing-based businesses by working with specialist trade and technical media

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from The Industrial Marketing Agency

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How to maximise free traffic for your industrial marketing and publicity with effective use of directory entries

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Four ways to raise the profile of your website and attract more visitors at minimum cost

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Image library – this hidden member of your marketing team is a valuable asset in your industrial press relations

Product images are a valuable commodity and can even be described as the extra member of your sales/marketing team. You’ll have heard the expression ‘don’t tell me, show me’, which supports the view that a visual aid or demonstration has a greater impact on an audience than mere words. This is backed up by a […]

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