May I put in a word for physical and mental health in the workplace – and yes that does mean everybody working from home as well as the returnees among us.
I have been teaching Tai Chi for many years and a while ago I put together some light Tai Chi inspired exercise videos, it is all free and there is no registration so check out here

The Green agenda interests me – there seems to be lots of opportunities for tech products in renewable energy and to address environmental issues – from reducing waste production to clearing it up. Dealing with carbon emissions to clearing plastic of all sorts are just two whole industries that come to mind.
Once environmentally friendly alternatives are available we will be delighted to promote them!

Do your sales engineers still cold prospect new leads on their own? I know one company where the MD sometimes asks his sales meetings ” shall we stop doing our PR?” and gets a firm “no thank you!” every time.
How do you marketeers out there support the front-line sales teams?


There is nothing new under the sun they say and maybe they are right – certainly Industrial PR rewards client companies by putting them in front of engineers and buyers just at the point when they are forming their decision. It is an ever-present sales tool getting on with the job and responsive to the industrial environment. A PR profile once established needs only a regular monthly trickle feed to keep on working and building connections with customers.

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Trusting your PR agency

When selecting a PR agency to work with, our own experience has been that trust has to be worked on and earned on both sides – this is true for any supplier – be they accountants, carriers or cleaners. It is also true that costs need to be evaluated and likely outcomes envisaged – like […]

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Industrial videos – it is the content that matters

Amazing but even now it seems that the most overlooked and yet one of the most cost-effective promotional activities an SME can do is to make some videos and put them on Youtube. They can be slide presentations or personal demos – or expensive tech compilations. Whichever way you go they can attract hundreds of […]

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Good application stories

In all the years I have been working in industrial marketing the most difficult PR stories to source have always been good application pieces – and yet they have always been the most sought after by editors. The same is true today – indeed I remember one company who gave a bounty to their sales […]

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Marketing is not just about numbers – it is about good judgement

Here’s a thought – marketing is not just about numbers it is about understanding human behaviour. For example, if you just count click-throughs you will probably cut a lot of your promotion but remember a sale does not come from just one exposure, it comes from lots of exposures. Remember the “rule of seven” – […]

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Marketing back to basics

As we see recovery in manufacturing industry SMEs are busy but sales/marketing opportunities have reduced – exhibitions have gone virtual and so have sales calls, so what can we do to ensure sales after the recovery? It might be tempting to think we have to follow all the complex online advice we are offered, but […]

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Plan your industrial marketing strategy

Recovery and growth are in the air again, with estimates being ever more optimistic, so now is the time to plan a marketing program – unlike a one-time bulk investment in a machine where it starts producing quickly after set up – a marketing program always takes time to initiate and time to nurture. So […]

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