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So you’ve decided you need to do something to support sales?

So you’ve decided you need to do something to support sales – maybe you have some marketing skills in your background – maybe not. So the question is – what to do?

If you go online there are lots of websites promising to write any kind of content, fill it with keywords, send it to everywhere and report back their success. Without understanding your business or that of your customers, or understanding your salespeople. Of course, you can employ an expensive junior who can run a keyboard to deal with this – but will probably have no idea what your products are or what they do or why customers might want them. But a junior is “my person” well yes. except without many years of knowledge, they are handicapped from the start.

You could possibly get a sales engineer to do some marketing – maybe social media – but they are likewise handicapped and now they are not only expensive, but they are not doing the sales job you need them for either.

On the other hand, an external marketing agency can understand your products and services – which may be very specialised. They can understand the relationships in and around your business – and from long experience, they can deal with the media to ensure that valuable information is channeled from you to your potential customers. They may well have worked in sales across a variety of industries and so be adept at adjusting to your environment – a good agency can effectively become part of your company.

We are very proud that over the past nearly 30 years we have helped clients through many economic ups and downs and enabled a lot of people to keep their jobs.

Contact us to discuss how we can help achieve your goals in this economic cycle.

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