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As we see recovery in manufacturing industry SMEs are busy but sales/marketing opportunities have reduced – exhibitions have gone virtual and so have sales calls, so what can we do to ensure sales after the recovery? It might be tempting to think we have to follow all the complex online advice we are offered, but actually, it is simpler than that. The principles are the same as they ever were so maybe this is a good time to go back to basics.

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Recovery and growth are in the air again, with estimates being ever more optimistic, so now is the time to plan a marketing program – unlike a one-time bulk investment in a machine where it starts producing quickly after set up – a marketing program always takes time to initiate and time to nurture. So if you want results now then start six months ago.
Don’t know where to start? – obviously, contact me at The Industrial Marketing Agency or ask your favourite friendly trade/tech editor for advice.

We are advised today by the “gurus” of the internet to focus on benefits, but in the industrial arena they are always the same – better, faster, cheaper, greener and so on – these are givens – so let us put ourselves in the place of a technical audience of intelligent problem solvers. Let us consider how does our product solve their problem, or how does it fit into a bigger solution?

This will inevitable lead us to a detailed description of product features – and more to the point we are addressing an audience of people who are interested in features because they understand them and need to know how a component fits into their own product and process.

This is the valuable information our technical media can pass on to its readers – and we can reach them through PR.

As we move into economic recovery let’s remember that business is personal even in lockdown. So let’s not forget how to convey important product knowledge to potential customers, and remember that industrial marketing is different from the one size fits all internet theories derived from B2C techniques developed in the US, to sell non-technical products en mass to non-technical people.

Industrial PR – working with the media

The relationship of SMEs with Trade & Tech media can be a bit awkward but with a little effort can be immensely rewarding on both sides. Just like any other relationship it needs a connection based on equal trust. In a PR sense this involves playing our part by regularly providing interesting/valuable material in a […]

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Opportunities in The Green Agenda

I am interested that the Green Agenda is getting more attention now – as the inheritors of the first industrial revolution wouldn’t it be great if UK manufacturing could help save the planet while regenerating itself. There are so many opportunities in renewable energy, renewable materials, product repair and recycling, waste recycling, and so on. […]

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Time to invest in your marketing

I am delighted to see that there is a lot of talk about re-investment in our industry – capital allowances and special loans and so on being made available. So I believe now is a good time to support by ramping up marketing activities. We all know that there is a lag in the system […]

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Building a pipeline of valuable information

We believe that good execution of Industrial Marketing involves a process that offers manufacturers of components, assemblies and equipment a lifeline in times of survival and an opportunity in times of growth, by ensuring that client company products and services are continuously presented to potential customers and to existing ones. This involves the presentation of […]

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Traditional media offer an important route to the internet through PR

For SMEs considering what to do in economic recovery I would suggest that we can see that for the past decade or more traditional media have offered an important route to the internet. This has been both independently and via search engines such as Google, greatly enhancing the online presence of companies far beyond the […]

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Industrial PR to match the UK trade/tech media

Industrial marketing is different from retail, white goods, etc which is why we differentiate it as “B2B” (business to business) and we understand that it requires a completely different mindset, experience base and skill set. Industrial PR is not magic, it is a capability or skill like any other supply that depends on ability and […]

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