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As we move into economic recovery let’s remember that business is personal even in lockdown. So let’s not forget how to convey important product knowledge to potential customers, and remember that industrial marketing is different from the one size fits all internet theories derived from B2C techniques developed in the US, to sell non-technical products en mass to non-technical people.

In these days of online networking, I am often asked “what do you do?” So of course the answer is that “At the moment we are helping industrial companies recover from this recession with low-cost marketing activities free at the point of publication”. Contact us to find out how.

At times like these – with sales teams working from home so much – this is when it is so important to support them with pro-active marketing, including PR and Social Media. A good marketing program based around all the available promotional channels will save them so much time and help them to be much more effective by generating warm enquiries.

See here how TIMA can help then contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

Websites have moved on so much in recent years, so it’s likely you’ll have upgraded or relaunched at least once. If not, you’re probably considering doing so.

The process is no easy task and it will represent an investment of thousands of pounds financially, and it will cost a fair amount of emotional and physical energy.

But the work can’t stop there. You need to raise awareness of your business and promote your website at minimum cost, and here are four low-cost options.


On-line trade directories will get your url in front of the right people and often at no cost.

Trade directories are also likely to have some form of editorial output to complement the bare bones of the site, so contact the web admin to alert them to your website relaunch and offer to provide a few paragraphs of copy and some images.

Make sure you provide urls to the relevant pages so the admin can make your story and images clickable.


You know your products inside-out, so generating a couple of hundred words every other week should prove straightforward, and regular updates provide value in terms of Search Engine Optimisation for your site, pushing it high up the rankings.

If you can’t think what to write about, brainstorm topics with your team. A great place to start is with the questions already being posed by customers or potential buyers. If they’re asking questions, chances are others will want to hear the answers.

Social media

You have a social media presence and you’re always wondering what to talk about on the various platforms. An upgrade to your website provides the perfect opportunity to generate exciting content. Make it rich in visuals and light on words. Social media is all about show and tell.


You have a list of previous buyers and previous enquirers, so a great starting point is to tell them about your new website in an e-mail.

Don’t be lazy, though. The words ‘Check out our new website’ are not going to excite any interest, because nobody is going to visit your website out of the goodness of their heart. They need one question answered, and it is this – ‘What’s in it for me?’

So spell it out with specific promises you know you can deliver, making it impossible for the reader to ignore your invitation to click through.

One crucial thing to add regarding email marketing – if you are considering building an e-mail list and sending regular updates to people on it, there are strict regulations covering such activity. One key element is to tell people how they came to be receiving an email from you, and giving them the opportunity to opt out of hearing from you again. Regulations are different for mailing to individuals and for sending to companies.

Full details found here.

Outsource it

Most companies find that is an awful lot of work for a small company – which is where we can come in and do it for you. The chances are that most of your competitors will be doing very little of the above and we can put together a package that is appropriate to your business and won’t involve a corporate mega-budget – after all, what we do is to specialise in growing small companies into big ones – by working smarter.

For more inspiration on promoting your website read Ian Deavin’s white paper entitled ‘How small companies are competing successfully and punching above their weight’


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It used to be difficult and expensive to arrange to be in front of potential customers when they needed you.

It involved lots of leg work and telephone time making regular sales calls, advertising in monthly magazines, going to lots of exhibitions and so on, just on the off-chance that a customer’s interest would coincide with our contact – or that they would be sufficiently flexible to consider our option either well in advance or in the very late stages of a project. To be honest it was pretty hit and miss, with a lot of wasted time on both sides. We never knew when or where they would look and they often did not know how to find us.

Now it is easy – create a wide enough profile on the internet and you will always come up in front of them on Google.

Actually creating a successful profile is not that easy or quick, but at least it is fairly straightforward as we have described elsewhere. The point is you can have a plan to work to and once you have a good profile then you can feed it a little at a time to keep it going, using it as a base from which to focus attention on specific campaigns for strategically important products or services.

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