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Net Zero presents an opportunity for us all

Net Zero presents a huge and little appreciated opportunity for us all – I recently went to a meeting of manufacturing business people, where Net Zero was discussed at length. What I understood from the conversation that day was that Net Zero is seen only as a way to save on costs. Actually it is much bigger than that – it opens up completely new markets – a whole new customer base for new products, new equipment, and new manufacturing approaches.
Net Zero is first and foremost a new sales opportunity for everything that is required to do things differently – to minimise waste, to maximise recycling or to eliminate the need, to convert to renewable energy or to reduce energy use. Every time a company wants to move toward Net Zero it is likely they will need new equipment or new technology to enable the process. Each project presents a new opportunity to increase sales and save the planet whether for 3D manufacture or recyclable packaging.

If we don’t do this our children will end up living in a world resembling an overheated rubbish tip with a few parks and zoos.
Somewhere down the line, there are many, many political issues to be dealt with but whatever the politics ingenious technologies and manufacturing industry can help provide the solution.

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