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There is nothing new under the sun they say and maybe they are right – certainly Industrial PR rewards client companies by putting them in front of engineers and buyers just at the point when they are forming their decision. It is an ever-present sales tool getting on with the job and responsive to the industrial environment. A PR profile once established needs only a regular monthly trickle feed to keep on working and building connections with customers.

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In all the years I have been working in industrial marketing the most difficult PR stories to source have always been good application pieces – and yet they have always been the most sought after by editors. The same is true today – indeed I remember one company who gave a bounty to their sales team for such application stories.
Try taking a look through your accounts list and ask the question “what do they do with our widgets?” and remember it just has to be something that other engineers would be interested to read about.

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Recovery and growth are in the air again, with estimates being ever more optimistic, so now is the time to plan a marketing program – unlike a one-time bulk investment in a machine where it starts producing quickly after set up – a marketing program always takes time to initiate and time to nurture. So if you want results now then start six months ago.
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We are advised today by the “gurus” of the internet to focus on benefits, but in the industrial arena they are always the same – better, faster, cheaper, greener and so on – these are givens – so let us put ourselves in the place of a technical audience of intelligent problem solvers. Let us consider how does our product solve their problem, or how does it fit into a bigger solution?

This will inevitable lead us to a detailed description of product features – and more to the point we are addressing an audience of people who are interested in features because they understand them and need to know how a component fits into their own product and process.

This is the valuable information our technical media can pass on to its readers – and we can reach them through PR.

Industrial PR – working with the media

The relationship of SMEs with Trade & Tech media can be a bit awkward but with a little effort can be immensely rewarding on both sides. Just like any other relationship it needs a connection based on equal trust. In a PR sense this involves playing our part by regularly providing interesting/valuable material in a […]

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How we can work together with the media

I wonder what magazines you read – and what your relationship is with the press? From 40 years personal experience I have seen just how innovative and proactive our media scene is in the UK. We have probably the best B2B media in the world so let’s consider how we can all work together to […]

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Industrial PR to match the UK trade/tech media

Industrial marketing is different from retail, white goods, etc which is why we differentiate it as “B2B” (business to business) and we understand that it requires a completely different mindset, experience base and skill set. Industrial PR is not magic, it is a capability or skill like any other supply that depends on ability and […]

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The right time to promote yourselves

Ah, the budget – do budgets ever make any real difference? At the end of the day, it is always up to industry to pull ourselves out of the economic problems – generally created elsewhere. Noses to the grindstone, backs to the wheel etc. etc. we fall back on tried and tested, value for money […]

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Marketing for industrial SMEs

I have noticed that SMEs can often have a problem with self-promotion, sometimes voiced as “I know we need to do something, but I don’t know what?” otherwise as “but what would we talk about?” Let me reassure non-marketing people that there are lots of things to do and there is always a lot to […]

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Why you need Press Relations in the industrial marketplace – and how you can secure best value from your budget

Have you ever laid down and let people walk all over you? Course not. You’re a planner, a prepper, and when you face challenges you’re a scrambler, a person who keeps going and somehow finds that by striving to meet challenges head-on there’s always a new opportunity presenting itself. That’s the secret of successful Press […]

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