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British Engineering Excellence Awards 2013I attended the British Engineering Excellence Awards yesterday as a guest of FAST magazine and was impressed by the range of nominees and actually the sheer excellence of the winners. For details of the nominees etc  check out the beeas site – and also see FAST magazine and the Fastening Solutions website to check out some of the UK’s best engineering fastener products.

So much for the enthusiastic plugs – actually it was good fun and ran perfectly to schedule with an amusing line in chat from Ed Tranter Executive Director at Findlays keeping it all moving in a great venue at 8 Northumberland.

I really welcome the announcement received today of the new Machine Building Show at the NEC in September – following so soon after the success of the Engineering Design show – and the announcement of the Engineering Subcontractor Exhibition which is eagerly awaited  in April from the NewbyCom stable – home of the also successful FAST exhibition – all this following the success of last years Mediplas. So this year I am again looking forward of course to Southern Manufacturing which has a record of doing well.

The flowering of all this exhibition ferver surely indicates a build up of pressure for companies to grow in our UK manufacturing industry, that is not fully recognised in the tabloid press – not to mention the huge amount of innovation and expertise that fuels this confidence to grow.

I think it’s fair to say that industrial manufacturing companies haven’t yet jumped, en masse, into the social media arena. Some are using it and it’s working very nicely for them, but I think a lot of companies are still sceptical and are sitting on the side lines, watching, a bit like many did when the internet boom first started over 10 years ago.  As with the internet, it was the early adopters who had massive success, which leaves you in a unique position now. Get involved, set the standard and reap the rewards, or spend years wishing you’d got involved at the outset.

Google makes a fortune from its “pay per click” advertising, because most people who use the internet use Google to find what they want. I’m sure that’s no surprise to you. But did you know that Facebook gets more page views per month than Google, and Twitter isn’t far behind?

The role of internet marketers is to increase traffic to their client’s website.  So if several of the world’s most visited websites are already allowing people to use their sites freely to guide people to specific websites, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

Google now recognise Tweets in their organic results – and high up, too. There are hundreds of thousands of Twitter profiles showing on page 1 of Google for valuable keyword terms. Google also allows Facebook profiles and commercial “pages” to rank as well.

In short, these social media sites are SEO friendly, they love fresh content and allow you to post virtually anything you want at any time.  Social media and SEO work well together, like strawberries and cream. Either are fine on their own, but put them together and something magical happens!

I recently read a report from Global Spec entitled “Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector” which stated that industrial professionals are still largely passive users of social media, preferring to read and watch content, versus creating and sharing content; nonetheless they’re involved, and perhaps, you should be too.

Written by: Lesley Whiteman, Social Media Manager, ID-Marketing