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The visual content revolution is upon us!

After many years of urging clients to use video clips online I do believe that the visual content revolution is with us. Interestingly the case for video is already made – the only question is how do we get the cost down while maintaining a reasonable quality of production – but that is coming with improved technology and the ability of agencies such as ourselves to create material inhouse.

The surprise perhaps is that visual content in the form of still pictures and illustrations are increasingly becoming indexed and useful in organic searches – so long as they have relevant tags attached. We welcome this trend – especially regarding video, as being ideally suited to industrial client’s products whether for demonstration of features or details of installation. At present we recognise that it will be an additional cost – but it allows companies to achieve so much more – and with the real cost of PR, advertising and exhibitions now lower than ever before we suggest that companies will benefit from extending budgets to cover this visual revolution.