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The Importance of of Keywords

The internet visual revolution not withstanding we are still dealing daily with text based searches – and the keywords that system implies.

We regularly see the importance of including in company website, blog, press releases and social media posts a broad range of industry specific and product specific words, phrases and expressions. These ensure that you can be found easily on organic searches. The internet is essentially a passive medium – even adwords depend on an active search – so the key is to appear wherever someone searches for anything within your range of product/service activity and that means having a wide verbal/textual coverage in your published material. As an example it would not be unreasonable for an industrial company to have some 100 to 200 keywords and the aspiration of being on page one for some 2/3rds of them ( potentially many times on page one for each search report ) and even in position 1 page 1 for say 25 – 30% of them.

You may have been told this can be done with expensive SEO – actually all that is required is to do the job properly and comprehensively using the main channels of PR and Social Media.

To get a keyword to page 1 may be impossible especially if your competition is a major household body like Amazon or the BBC, but to get blanket coverage over the long term is just a question of understanding the medium – as we do at The Industrial Marketing Agency.