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New platform – The Industrial Marketing Agency

We have come to the conclusion after many years that we should put on the outside of the tin what actually goes on inside! Hence a blending of ID-Marketing in association with Lesley Whiteman Social Media into The Industrial Marketing Agency.

It seems clear – our clients are industrial B2B and that is where our experience and expertise  lies – so now prospective clients can also be clear and perhaps find us more easily.

There is some difference of opinion about whether having “competitive clients” is an issue or not – for ourselves we suggest that having the services of a specialist agency who best suits your needs far outweighs other considerations – and in fact that very few companies are directly competitive anyway – all are differentiated by their own unique mix of marketing/products/audience/distribution/pricing/service & support/stocking/accounts/corporate network etc.etc. You wouldn’t cut yourself off from the best designer, supplier or accountant you could afford – so why do it with your marketing services company?

The Industrial Marketing Agency has over 20 years of history associated in successful marketing, PR and sales – and now are in the vanguard of Social Media for industrial companies – we hope that the new platform reflects that.