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PR is SEO!

I was reading a piece recently by an author I have a lot of time for, about SEO in which he was talking about the value of creating links in SEO terms, in the end coming to the conclusion that:

” Outside agencies can do that, but it’s a PR agency you want there, not an SEO consultancy. ”

How very true – so  I was please to consider that we have been doing exactly that for many years – and also pleased that others outside the PR industry are now becoming aware of it as well.

Perhaps we are at last at a point where SEO ceases to have an air of expensive magic and mystery – and can be seen for what it is – ie a way of approaching not just the refining of a website, but including the very wide scope of all those promotional activities which help to drive organic results up the rankings – like press releases, blogging, social media, trade directory entries, whitepapers, articles etc.