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Successful? Everybody knows you?

successful-everybody-knows you

What do you do in a small niche market where everybody knows you?

In truth it may be a small niche (even incestuous!) market but it will always be fluid – people leaving, people moving around, people coming in – a churn rate which has been estimated at 40% over a 2 year period – and even the most conservative technologies change in response to many internal and external factors.

So what do you do once you are on page 1 of your favourite search engine – well clearly you make sure you stay there and arrange to be there more often for more search terms.
As many champions have found before, winning is only the first step – keeping the top spot is often a lot harder work than getting there.
So you simply do the same stuff that got you to page 1 and more. You keep the pot boiling and add more ingredients; you re-present the menu and extend it.
Then you work on service, response, stock etc. etc. to ensure that you keep your core customer base while adding new ones.

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