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Industrial website and sales engineers – a customer support team

good idea plus team work equals success

In fact a good website provides most of what a good sales/technical support team has to offer – but all it can offer is information.

A good sales engineer can offer much more such as guidance and informed opinion based on an understanding of the customer’s problem. Today the best sales engineers can also add the information that cannot be packaged on the website and make the connections which make big differences. For example – when a published spec is conservative, when a cheaper/more expensive option would be a better choice – what “better” might even mean in a particular context, fluid information like delivery times, new products coming soon but not announced or not on the website yet, products listed but not available or which may be fully developed yet, and manufacturing options not generally known.

A good sales engineer and tech support team are worth their weight in gold because not only do they know the right questions they also know to get the answers.

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