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How to get the most/best out of your PR Agency

I am intrigued that we all are specialists in our own field and so can easily fall into the trap of bringing in other specialists without knowing what they need in order to do their best work for us. Have you ever dealt with builders, architects, consultants etc etc? So it is worth considering how to get the best out of your P.R. agency.

So, here are my suggestions:

  • have a senior sales/marketing/engineering person deal with them
  • give them lots of material to work with. This need not be new, but will need to be interesting to your target audience, perhaps applications or a new angle. Nowadays, two pieces per month is normal.
  • Provide briefing material on products, services, applications, technologies, in the form of data sheets, brochures, web page addresses, downloads, telephone or meeting discussions.
  • Don’t bother to write or re-write yourself. Save yourself the time by simply checking drafts for accuracy and corrections of “message”.
  • Keep them up to date with your target audience.

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