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Home Waste is Inevitable in SME Marketing – Really!

Waste is Inevitable in SME Marketing – Really!

Why is it that many companies who accept:
– not every cold call will get an appointment
– not every sales call will result in an order
– not every quotation will yield an order

Do not seem to quite accept:
– not every advertisement will bring floods of leads
–  not every press release will get published
–  not every press release will bring lots of enquiries

This level of waste appears less understood. Whereas the truth is that like sales activities, marketing activities bring results if you stick at them, if you modify your approach to match your audience and your chosen medium.

The difference is that most companies understand sales, they are comfortable with sales – marketing is a bit of a bigger step – but is important for an SME to grow and survive.

Let us explain to you what we are doing for our clients and why it works – we won’t make extravagant promises but we will seek to show that you can trust us – so get TIMA on your team to minimise that waste and maximise your marketing effectiveness – call us today.