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Nothing is Magic anymore!

There are no “black arts” , no smoke and mirrors – at least we all now recognise that things work in particular ways and for particular reasons – however complex, sophisticated and indeterminant they may be. The fact that we individually do not understand the detail of how something works does not mean that we cannot understand the principles if they are explained to us.

We are not short of people explaining how magic is done – we just don’t have the time ( or ability ) to follow the detail and become skilled ourselves. As Arthur C Clarke said ” any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

And we are finding that increasingly true today – how many of us really understands how the technologies work on which our lives are based – or how the ideas and theories of the soft sciences actually hang together – but we know they are explicable – perhaps even accountancy or the legal profession – but I’m not so sure about them!

Marketing went through this phase in the 1960’s and big companies have come to terms with it by employing their own experts in-house – an option rarely available to SMEs. Even so there has probably never been a time when it has been cheaper to employ knowledgeable external experts  to get things done. As a client once explained to me ” I don’t want consultants – they just tell me what to do and go away – what I need is someone who will actually do it as well”.

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