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Advertising for Industrial SMEs – Whitepaper

Our Whitepaper addresses the general concern about what works in advertising, and what works cost-effectively, to help small companies punch above their weight on restricted budgets.

The big questions about advertising of course – as preempted by Henry Ford are headed by: “What works?” “What is cost effective?” and for many industrial SMEs “How can I create a presence that big companies and competitors would envy?”

Given that advertising is what you pay for directly in media supplied by other publishers, where you can say pretty much what you like – so long as it is legal, decent and honest etc. e.g. space in journals, banners on websites, enhanced entries in directories, paid for entries in journal newsletters/newsflashes and the like, as well as pay-per-click advertising such as Google Adwords. But NOT PR/editorial (unless you pay the publisher to include it), not free entries in directories, not your own newsletters, not brochures.

A good place to start is from your PR program which is probably the most cost effective promotion a company can do and can lay the groundwork for so much else – so you can use your advertising spend to support your P.R. – and use feedback from PR to inform your advertising choices. For example – where does most of your PR and Social Media generated website traffic come from? Probably Google – so Adwords would be worth a look alongside some of the specialist trade press as discussed in our whitepaper.

Read the full paper here.