The importance of how a company does things – Selling what you believe in

We are here to help - number 2

Welcome to the second in our series on the importance of how a company does things. Selling what you believe in – and not – that is not believing in it and not selling it.

There is a myth abroad that a “salesman”/”saleswoman” can sell anything (as if that was a good thing!). The truth is that someone who believes in a product or service as being right for the customer, backed by experience and expertise is probably the best sales person you have. In the mass market business to customer (B2C) world where repeat sales are maybe not as important, the sell anything-to-anyone approach with pressure tactics if necessary is a common finding. However, in the business to business (B2B) world where numbers are smaller and technical considerations fully front and centre, then it simply puts people off. If your sales people know what they are doing and believe in it then it shines through to a fundamentally better customer experience.

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