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Last free seminar – going with a bang!

On Nov 4th – the day before Guy Fawkes day we will be running our last free Industrial PR and Social Media seminar. These 2011 seminars have been a great success with those attending taking away new information and ideas to enhance their businesses – so we have decided that next year we will charge – probably £200 per head and that means Nov 4th will be the last opportunity to attend for free.

Testemonials include:

“We found the session interesting and thoroughly thought provoking. Whilst I believe our company’s marketing effort is comprehensive, the session certainly opened our eyes to more possibilities especially in the field of digital marketing. We look forward to engaging with Ian and his team to realise the full potential of our efforts.”

“Possibly the best three hours training I have had in a very long time. Helped to focus on what can be done free or at reasonable cost, how to get the maximum benefit from minimum effort and convinced a sceptic of the need to use social media.”

“The seminar was conducted in a very relaxed style with plenty of time and encouragement for questions. Being a comparative novice in some of the subject matter I was delighted to learn new things and have to restrain my enthusiasm to experiment with what I have been shown but hope to put it to good use very soon. The small group enabled networking opportunities and an open forum to learn from each other. The venue choice was excellent and refreshments most appreciated. I had a thoroughly enjoyable and educational day, thank you.”

“Thank you for an incredibly useful and informative day! We have already begun to brainstorm how we can incorporate your advice into our overall marketing plan. The information that we gained from this seminar is invaluable and I would highly recommend it!”

Click here to register for your place at the Nov 4th free seminar and learn about Industrial PR and Social Media.

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