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It’s all about perspective

Marketing is all about perspective

When I took on my first proper marketing job (as marketing manager for a small company in the enclosures business) I was given a sales territory of my own – it was local and smaller than the other sales engineers but I was accountable for it and had to spend time “on the road”. I was also introduced to the sales desk – where I spent many happy hours!

My point is that we should not forget what it is to be a customer and to deal with customers face to face. It requires empathy – that ability to walk a few yards in someone else’s shoes. This is a process that can yield remarkable outcomes as sometimes taking a slightly different view of a situation can yield a completely different understanding – whether it is marketing or engineering.

If you don’t understand a marketing activity or an application then put yourself in your customers’ shoes and see what they see – often it really is all about perspective.

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