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Industrial Marketing in the Twenty-Teens!

He finally had time to develop a marketing planIn the past 30 years marketing for industrial companies has changed out of all recognition – there are now so many more opportunities for a small to medium sized company to promote themselves than ever before and at low cost – so that now there is no reason not to successfully promote a company of any size – thanks largely to the internet and digital technology.

For those running such small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) this perhaps offers a somewhat confusing range of little understood activities, with the attendant question of “what will it cost?” always in our minds – and the implied fear that it will be more than can be afforded, that we might “get ripped off” or committed to something which we cannot get out of.

So let’s have a serious grown up conversation about marketing – let us understand that it is not difficult to understand marketing – at least no more so than some of the products that are in the industrial/manufacturing arena – much less so than some! Let us also understand that today it is both relatively inexpensive and measurable – as well as being highly desirable.

The way we approach marketing can be similar to the way we approach any technical subject and as in any supplier/client relationship it depends primarily on trust – given this and a willingness to go through an appropriate learning curve a great deal can be achieved to help grow small companies into much bigger ones and to buffer them to some extent against the downturns that occur.

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