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Home Globalisation has a long way to go yet!

Globalisation has a long way to go yet!

Globalisation has a long way to go yet

Clearly we are still in the early stages of globalisation – with the great manufacturing engine that is China starting to find life difficult courtesy of re-shoring and economic downturn.

Will we see Chinese companies become more aggressive again? They already have some really big players to rival the biggest the west has to offer and other countries are riding the wave of global capital made so much more fluid now that the west has pumped out cheap money via our monetary easing policies.

However, we are also facing a range of problems around climate change/global warming, all of which potentially have technology solutions – roughly equivalent to finding ways to re-use and re-cycle materials while using less energy more efficiently – so long as it is renewable energy. Oh yes, and finding a way to reduce not only the output of greenhouse gases but also their existing levels in the atmosphere.

Now if that doesn’t speak loudly of technology opportunities, I don’t know what does – and the customers, from global power players to individual customers, are even becoming prepared to pay for the solution. Part of that solution is looking like having the businesses in place to provide the technologies.

So that is going to be a whole new opportunity – and we look forward to helping it with relevant marketing activities.

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