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Do it yourself vs. the experts

We had a brilliant example recently of just how a little knowledge and effort can have a huge effect. A company we know had done a deal with a website for an enhanced entry package about a year ago and had put the entry together themselves. The company people involved were bright, knowledgeable and conscientious – but they were not entirely impressed with the website through the year as their monthly page viewing figures  typically languished between 50 to 110 pm. When the year was up the company was about to give up on this site, but the site rep was persuasive and the deal was done for another year – at which point we became involved – when the company asked us to look after this deal as part of a wider campaign. With a bit of time and care we made significant changes to the corporate entry working with the site personnel on category listings, links, corporate profile, product text, keywords and pictures. We finished this on the 10th of February. The Feb figures at the end of the month showed a better than six-fold increase to over 600 views pm.

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