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We are already in a group – called Industrial Manufacturing

We thought we could resist social mediaPerhaps sales people are drawn to social networking – but I believe engineers are more interested in solving problems. I have been interested in the application of social media to the industrial arena and my (very subjective) observations have led me to the following thoughts about the engagement of engineers (or lack of it) in social media.

Do we really all want to “join” groups – aren’t we already in a group of manufacturing engineers and related people? In particular we are in the group of our own company, our customers and suppliers. But I think we do want to stay connected with others, where we can dip in and out.

Social Media for engineers – essentially we want to put out a question and get a solution. The truth is it is social but in a solution based way. Like the current offering of niche “consultation based” exhibitions where visitors are encouraged to bring their problems as physical components, pictures, drawings, sketches or word concepts.

So social media for industrial manufacturing is alive and well at exhibitions and on the net – it just looks different to B2C social media – because it has a different role.

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