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Home Money Saving Marketing for Industrial SMEs – TIMA Whitepaper

Money Saving Marketing for Industrial SMEs – TIMA Whitepaper

Cost-effective marketing, 80/20 rule and getting the biggest bang for small bucks. Working across marketing platforms to leverage effect.

Some of us prioritise quality above all – some of us prioritise low cost – at TIMA we believe that successful SMEs seek a balance in their marketing – having neither the budgets to afford the most expensive, nor the desire to be cheap – so we play the odds and guided by Pareto’s law we aim for an 80/20 balance – in this case 80% of the effect with 20% of the spend.

This may sound like a big ask – but compare with elsewhere – what is the cost comparison between mainstream technology e.g. cars, music systems, computers etc. and the very highest specs available? If you could have promotion categorized like cars what would you choose – Ford/GM? VW? Landrover? Mercedes? Ferrari? Rolls Royce?

Even if your product prioritises quality above all I doubt you are interested in throwing money away in your marketing – so at whatever level – most of us are interested in value for money – and for industrial SMEs I believe we should always be looking to achieve the biggest bang for our buck – making our company look bigger and better over a sustainable long term growth path. To do this we can follow a few simple guidelines which we have established by experience.

Read our Whitepaper here and contact us to discuss how we can achieve the biggest bang for your buck!