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Home How to maximise free traffic for your industrial marketing and publicity with effective use of directory entries

How to maximise free traffic for your industrial marketing and publicity with effective use of directory entries

Are you making the most of all directory opportunities at your disposal?

We pose the question because in this blog post we underline the key role directory entries can play in helping your customers find you – and vice versa.

Thanks to the internet, directories have become vibrant, ever-evolving documents which provide a wealth of invaluable links.

Here’s how to make your directory entries the hard-working and effective tools they should be.

Why do they want our entries?

All directory publishers want their publications to have a huge audience, so they’ll do all in the power to be the most comprehensive authority in their field.

The larger their reach the more they’re going to impress potential advertisers, so they need your entry to add volume and build respect among their audience.

For this reason they want you on board, so the big benefit to you is that they’ll usually offer a basic entry at no cost to you.

Paid for or free entries?

Don’t be too quick to pay, even if a paid-for option appears to be attractive. Yes, the directory will want you to cough up for an enhanced presence or featured status with an eye-catching image, but try the free option before splashing out.

You can always upgrade later, after evaluating the results of your free listing.

Keyword-rich product information

In addition to basic information such as company name and contact details there will often be room for a products and services summary, even in a free entry.

Use the keywords which are already working for you on your website, and if you are offered the opportunity to add tags and there is only a limited number available, focus on those that are going to be most relevant to people using that particular directory.

Which directories?

It’s tempting to say ‘all of them’ but a directory focusing on businesses in your geographical location won’t necessarily benefit you unless people who want your products and services are on your doorstep.

If you sell nationwide or internationally as opposed to locally, seek out niche market directories.

There might be fewer people seeing your entry, but if they are using the long-tail keyword search that you have so painstakingly researched and opted for, then they are more likely to be serious about buying from you.

For further information see our Top Tips For Directory Management (free entries)