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Home Good enough really is good enough – and that is a (very) good thing

Good enough really is good enough – and that is a (very) good thing

Time for the motivational roarStriving for perfection is a good thing but frequently over-rated – especially on limited resources and against a tight deadline when micro management in marketing is not appropriate. This is not a life critical area, nor is it Formula 1 racing – it is an introductory chat about a possibility – and while it is a good thing to understand what you are doing and why – how it works – a driven quest for unachievable and undefinable and unnecessary “perfection” can definitely get in the way.

In marketing as often elsewhere in life – The Big Picture – with occasional micro viewings gives a better more cost-effective overall result – even if each component is not theoretically as refined as it could be.

So let us be aware of the 80:20 rule: Let’s achieve 80% of the effect for 20% of the cost and do things now, not in 6 or 12 months’ time. The extra value of that additional 6 or 12 months activity will outweigh the possible benefit of a delayed but “perfect” campaign – that is cost effective marketing.

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