The importance of how a company does things – Don’t leave your customers with a problem!

We are here to help - number 3

Finally, the third in our series on the importance of how a company does things – Don’t leave your customers with a problem.

If you go to an expert you expect them to sort your problem, yes? Not to find the Holy Grail but to at least try and if they know they can’t do it, then to be delighted to suggest an alternative.

Well, in industry and especially manufacturing, every company is expected to be an expert – so act responsibly – don’t just off-handedly explain “Oh no, we can’t deal with that” and leave your customer hanging, lost and unsupported to find their way in a situation where they are unable on their own to resolve the matter. If you really can’t (or don’t want to) help directly then a sympathetic referral or possible direction to explore will be warmly remembered – rather than a grumpy refusal.

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