Marketing yesterday, today and tomorrow

It used to be difficult and expensive to arrange to be in front of potential customers when they needed you.

It involved lots of leg work and telephone time making regular sales calls, advertising in monthly magazines, going to lots of exhibitions and so on, just on the off-chance that a customer’s interest would coincide with our contact – or that they would be sufficiently flexible to consider our option either well in advance or in the very late stages of a project. To be honest it was pretty hit and miss, with a lot of wasted time on both sides. We never knew when or where they would look and they often did not know how to find us.

Now it is easy – create a wide enough profile on the internet and you will always come up in front of them on Google.

Actually creating a successful profile is not that easy or quick, but at least it is fairly straightforward as we have described elsewhere. The point is you can have a plan to work to and once you have a good profile then you can feed it a little at a time to keep it going, using it as a base from which to focus attention on specific campaigns for strategically important products or services.

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Industrial web traffic and web presence From time to time I see in the SEO related newsletters and am told by individuals that the best web traffic and web presence information is provided by Google Analytics and further that an in-depth understanding of the black box algorithm they use is vital to marketing on the web.

These same people sometimes go on to decry simpler approaches like doing a search to find out what happens. This on the basis that Google reports are so regionalised and so personalised that a search by one person is not relevant to a search by someone else.

Well, personally I like the simple direct and scientific approach of try it and see – and our research shows that in practical terms it makes very little difference in the national industrial marketplace.

True, if you are selling locally then a search outside your area may not throw up the same as at your own desk – but that is about it.

Personally I would rather spend my time and effort on doing what works than speculating on what Google may or may not be thinking.

An understanding of the principles by which publishers work, of which Google is just a recent varient, leads us to the conclusion – they need valuable content which they can use as bait to create an audience whose attention they can sell to advertisers.

If we as marketeers stop trying to game the system, then they will do their job and we will benefit from it along with their readers.

The “gamers”, however reputable, simply muddy the waters and make life more complicated for everyone else by creating marketing fashions designed to manipulate the system. Far better, I would suggest, to ignore the gaming and manipulating and to stick to the fundamental principles of a simple long-term plan that just keeps working through all the fashions.

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Some 18 months on from introducing our Online Promotional program of Blogging and Social Media we are delighted to find massive improvements in the webtraffic and Webprofiles of our clients – so we know it works and would be delighted to be doing the same for more industrial SMEs presently regrowing their businesses.

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We’ve been looking carefully ( again ) at what and how we do things for clients and we were pleased to see that client’s Webprofiles held some interesting information. We found for example that in our Google UK searches:
– the average client has 122 industry and product specific keywords
– of which we get 62% on page 1
– and of those 122 keywords we get 24% to position 1 on page 1
– of the 62% that get to page 1 they do so not just once or even twice – but on average 3 times!
– we don’t have any average clients ………..

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