The tip of the industrial marketing iceberg

From qualitative research across our client base we estimate that 23% of free web coverage is corporate website, 22% is corporate blog and 55% is from third party sites – online journals, online directories – which get picked up by search engines.

This includes some photos and some videos but does not include:
–    Video channel internal searches, e.g. YouTube
–    Editorial newsletters
–    Industry blogs
–    Social media internal traffic
So there is clearly a lot to do for free!

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Industrial website design - Image courtesy of and copyright Free Range Stock -

Industrial website design seems to be maturing into a stylish but very focused search friendly catalogue format, backed up by a wealth of valuable material:

–    Data sheets
–    CAD downloads
–    Specification guides
–    Application guides
–    Technology tutorials
–    “How to” videos

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Trickle-down content marketing

By taking a systematic approach to content generation and dissemination we find that we can cost-effectively achieve coverage for clients. This generally involves a trickle-down from the initial brief which may start as a press release, white paper, feature article or video.

The process works something like this (with variations):

  • Press Release content feeds the Blog and Social Media – which both add variety and relevance while potentially stimulating conversation.
  • A White Paper goes on the website and the Blog – it also gives rise to a press release and social media coverage driving traffic to the full document on the website.
  • Videos on YouTube channel can also be shown on the website and Blog, and covered on Social Media.
  • Feature articles convert to white papers to go on the website and Blog with press release and social media coverage.

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VideosOnline video in the industrial marketplace are becoming more useful for promotional purposes and cheaper – so we believe that there is a big gap waiting to be filled with video content and the time is right for industrial SMEs to address this space in their marketing mix.

It has been reported that in the industrial B2B marketplace videos are the most actively sought but the least actively posted of all material on the internet – this gap alone presents a massive opportunity. We have also observed that industrial videos are becoming much more common and that they draw large audiences. For example one may easily get 500 to 1000 views per year for such a video – could you ever imagine getting that many people to watch a video or engage with a sales person on an exhibition stand? And yet on the net it is free!

So clearly industrial videos are becoming more popular on the internet – plus they are cheap – you can create one yourself or get a marketing company to do it for you at very reasonable cost – just so long as you bear in mind that it does not need to be a cinematic master work. The internet is very accommodating of picture quality and you can present well with a domestic camera – even a super compact with video capability is often perfectly adequate.

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