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Once again we hear that industrial commodities are in short supply and pricing has gone up for any one of many reasons – this is a cycle we have seen before of course and will settle out in time – do you remember the year that the Chinese bought up all the scrap steel on the planet – or the time that copper theft was a major crime wave?
What it indicates of course is that manufacturing has rebounded from Covid and we will now be in a period of shortage with extended deliveries and increased pricing – but it will be important to remember that everyone is in the same situation. So it is not a good idea to stop marketing on the basis that “we can’t deliver” because neither can anybody else.
Now is the time to keep your marketing going, do your best for every customer and they will thank you for it when business rebounds.

It is all very well me and others talking about a massive recovery, but how can industrial SME’s afford to market themselves after a year of economic downturn?
Well, after more than a few years in the business may I suggest that PR with Social Media will be the lowest cost and most cost-effective promotion available.

Start there and see how it goes – your advertising and exhibition budgets can follow and build on your media presence. The combination will build a flexible, dynamic program that allows you to recover and promote as the recovery progresses.
Such a program is not only very cost-effective but also enables you to support the people who support you with true long-term benefits all round.

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If the forecasts are right and the half-full glass is about to get full again very quickly, then SMEs need to be sure they have all their marketing tools in place to take advantage of the recovery. If you want sales results in six months then we need to start your marketing now.

We are advised today by the “gurus” of the internet to focus on benefits, but in the industrial arena they are always the same – better, faster, cheaper, greener and so on – these are givens – so let us put ourselves in the place of a technical audience of intelligent problem solvers. Let us consider how does our product solve their problem, or how does it fit into a bigger solution?

This will inevitable lead us to a detailed description of product features – and more to the point we are addressing an audience of people who are interested in features because they understand them and need to know how a component fits into their own product and process.

This is the valuable information our technical media can pass on to its readers – and we can reach them through PR.

The right time to promote yourselves

Ah, the budget – do budgets ever make any real difference? At the end of the day, it is always up to industry to pull ourselves out of the economic problems – generally created elsewhere. Noses to the grindstone, backs to the wheel etc. etc. we fall back on tried and tested, value for money […]

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Marketing for industrial SMEs

I have noticed that SMEs can often have a problem with self-promotion, sometimes voiced as “I know we need to do something, but I don’t know what?” otherwise as “but what would we talk about?” Let me reassure non-marketing people that there are lots of things to do and there is always a lot to […]

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Four ways to raise the profile of your website and attract more visitors at minimum cost

Websites have moved on so much in recent years, so it’s likely you’ll have upgraded or relaunched at least once. If not, you’re probably considering doing so. The process is no easy task and it will represent an investment of thousands of pounds financially, and it will cost a fair amount of emotional and physical energy. […]

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The tip of the industrial marketing iceberg

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From qualitative research across our client base we estimate that 23% of free web coverage is corporate website, 22% is corporate blog and 55% is from third party sites – online journals, online directories – which get picked up by search engines. This includes some photos and some videos but does not include: –    Video […]

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Trickle-down content marketing

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By taking a systematic approach to content generation and dissemination we find that we can cost-effectively achieve coverage for clients. This generally involves a trickle-down from the initial brief which may start as a press release, white paper, feature article or video. The process works something like this (with variations): Press Release content feeds the […]

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Don’t take customer applications for granted

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Why do people watch YouTube – yes aside from entertainment – many many people watch “how to do it videos”. I remember one video getting 30,000 hits in a year on how to trim florists’ plastic foam with a knife. We all like to see how to do something – it gives us knowledge and […]

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