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How can distributors leverage their position in the industrial marketplaceOur recent Newsletter discusses a plan for industrial B2B distributors on how to maximise their position – and a guide for principals on how to get the most from a distributor relationship, by helping them to be successful.

We believe that in the specialist technical/industrial markets a dedicated distributor (also perhaps agents or subsidiaries) can provide customers with so much more than just a manufacturers’ sales/delivery service – for example expertise across the market and technical expertise in niche areas of application, not just of products. So what can be done and how? A good distributor can provide credibility derived from a measure of impartiality, reactivity and urgency sometimes lacking in large inter/national organisations, stockholding, local relationships with a detailed knowledge of the customer’s business, package sourcing from different suppliers – a one-stop-shop, collation and provision of technical information.

These are the strengths of a company which are lent to a principal as part of the distributor relationship. In addition a distributor who drives their own marketing activities can deliver higher growth and profitability to the principal than a passive outlet – while doing exactly the same for themselves!

Our newsletter describes how a distributor – especially a small one – can approach this.

At The Industrial Marketing Agency we are used to working with the Distributor/Manufacturer relationship – ask what we can do for you.

The Top Tips Guides on our ID-Marketing PR website have been upgraded recently with more information on subjects like Press Relations, Marketing, Advertising and Photography. Also of interest to industrial SMEs are likely to be guides on Photography, Video, Money Saving, creating Content, industrial Websites Social media and creation/measuring of a Webprofile.

Each guide features a single page distillation of my experience over 30 years in the industrial marketing arena based solidly on a cost effective approach to marketing and promotions.

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