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Interesting to hear Joe Biden talking recently about the job creation possibilities of a green agenda and of making medical care more widely available. It used to be said that what America does today we will do tomorrow – so let’s hope the government can get on board with this program for job creation in UK manufacturing industry where we promote with industrial PR.

We are advised today by the “gurus” of the internet to focus on benefits, but in the industrial arena they are always the same – better, faster, cheaper, greener and so on – these are givens – so let us put ourselves in the place of a technical audience of intelligent problem solvers. Let us consider how does our product solve their problem, or how does it fit into a bigger solution?

This will inevitable lead us to a detailed description of product features – and more to the point we are addressing an audience of people who are interested in features because they understand them and need to know how a component fits into their own product and process.

This is the valuable information our technical media can pass on to its readers – and we can reach them through PR.

I see around the net that recruitment has taken a welcome upturn and it reminds me that the UK is a fount of creativity in STEM subjects which deserves nurturing by the older more experienced people in industry. Unfortunately, each time we have a recession industry loses its older more experienced people, who are the very ones with the knowledge and experience needed to pull us out of the situation.

So I wonder how can we address this loss of cultural capital? Has anybody out there got any innovative ideas about how we can tap into this knowledge so as to speed up recovery?

British Engineering Excellence Awards 2013I attended the British Engineering Excellence Awards yesterday as a guest of FAST magazine and was impressed by the range of nominees and actually the sheer excellence of the winners. For details of the nominees etc  check out the beeas site – and also see FAST magazine and the Fastening Solutions website to check out some of the UK’s best engineering fastener products.

So much for the enthusiastic plugs – actually it was good fun and ran perfectly to schedule with an amusing line in chat from Ed Tranter Executive Director at Findlays keeping it all moving in a great venue at 8 Northumberland.

New exhibitions!

I really welcome the announcement received today of the new Machine Building Show at the NEC in September – following so soon after the success of the Engineering Design show – and the announcement of the Engineering Subcontractor Exhibition which is eagerly awaited  in April from the NewbyCom stable – home of the also successful FAST exhibition – […]

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My business is manufacturing – should I be using social media?

I think it’s fair to say that industrial manufacturing companies haven’t yet jumped, en masse, into the social media arena. Some are using it and it’s working very nicely for them, but I think a lot of companies are still sceptical and are sitting on the side lines, watching, a bit like many did when […]

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