green agenda

Interesting to hear Joe Biden talking recently about the job creation possibilities of a green agenda and of making medical care more widely available. It used to be said that what America does today we will do tomorrow – so let’s hope the government can get on board with this program for job creation in UK manufacturing industry where we promote with industrial PR.

The Green agenda interests me – there seems to be lots of opportunities for tech products in renewable energy and to address environmental issues – from reducing waste production to clearing it up. Dealing with carbon emissions to clearing plastic of all sorts are just two whole industries that come to mind.
Once environmentally friendly alternatives are available we will be delighted to promote them!

At The Industrial Marketing Agency we foresee a great future for UK manufacturing industry in the Green Agenda – our clients are addressing this. We believe it is the way forward to sales and jobs so this is the time we can all re-structure to help meet zero carbon for the benefit of the planet. Going Green can be the next industrial revolution but we do need to promote to a new audience in print and online with PR and social media and all the other channels available to us.

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