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Where do you fit in? do you do nothing? or very little? Do you rely on your sales team for your marketing?

– or do you struggle between the demands of various advertisement and directory reps?

These may appear low cost routes to marketing – but are actually very high cost – since the result is that very little actual marketing is likely to get done and the opportunity cost is probably very high indeed.

Real Marketing can provide warm sales leads to an increasingly pressured and specialised sales team – and need not of course cost a lot – most industrial SMEs can either do it themselves as you can see from our Whitepapers on the subject – or employ an expert agency who could carry out your marketing program at a fraction of the cost of a sales rep.




The Top Tips Guides on our ID-Marketing PR website have been upgraded recently with more information on subjects like Press Relations, Marketing, Advertising and Photography. Also of interest to industrial SMEs are likely to be guides on Photography, Video, Money Saving, creating Content, industrial Websites Social media and creation/measuring of a Webprofile.

Each guide features a single page distillation of my experience over 30 years in the industrial marketing arena based solidly on a cost effective approach to marketing and promotions.

You can download all these enhanced Top Tips for free and without needing to register at: