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It seems to me that industrial marketing is like talking to an interested audience in a small room – it is not necessary to raise your voice too much to have a big effect.
Trade and tech media are very helpful in this as they specifically focus on the very engineers, specifiers, and buyers who make up this niche.
It is similar in fact to a very large national trade exhibition where all your potential customers come together – but re-run 24/7 using the impact of print media and the convenience of the internet.

For any industrial company out there who does not have a marketing plan including PR – may I suggest you regard it like any other investment – and now is exactly the right time. Taken over the long term of economic cycles a PR profile represents capital to rely on for support in difficult times – in times of growth it represents investment paying off by enabling faster recovery, faster growth and slower downturns into the next recession. It lengthens the positive times and shortens the negative ones.

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As we move into economic recovery let’s remember that business is personal even in lockdown. So let’s not forget how to convey important product knowledge to potential customers, and remember that industrial marketing is different from the one size fits all internet theories derived from B2C techniques developed in the US, to sell non-technical products en mass to non-technical people.

In these days of online networking, I am often asked “what do you do?” So of course the answer is that “At the moment we are helping industrial companies recover from this recession with low-cost marketing activities free at the point of publication”. Contact us to find out how.

At times like these – with sales teams working from home so much – this is when it is so important to support them with pro-active marketing, including PR and Social Media. A good marketing program based around all the available promotional channels will save them so much time and help them to be much more effective by generating warm enquiries.

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