Content Marketing

The tip of the industrial marketing iceberg

From qualitative research across our client base we estimate that 23% of free web coverage is corporate website, 22% is corporate blog and 55% is from third party sites – online journals, online directories – which get picked up by search engines.

This includes some photos and some videos but does not include:
–    Video channel internal searches, e.g. YouTube
–    Editorial newsletters
–    Industry blogs
–    Social media internal traffic
So there is clearly a lot to do for free!

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successful-everybody-knows you

What do you do in a small niche market where everybody knows you?

In truth it may be a small niche (even incestuous!) market but it will always be fluid – people leaving, people moving around, people coming in – a churn rate which has been estimated at 40% over a 2 year period – and even the most conservative technologies change in response to many internal and external factors.

So what do you do once you are on page 1 of your favourite search engine – well clearly you make sure you stay there and arrange to be there more often for more search terms.
As many champions have found before, winning is only the first step – keeping the top spot is often a lot harder work than getting there.
So you simply do the same stuff that got you to page 1 and more. You keep the pot boiling and add more ingredients; you re-present the menu and extend it.
Then you work on service, response, stock etc. etc. to ensure that you keep your core customer base while adding new ones.

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Trickle-down content marketing

By taking a systematic approach to content generation and dissemination we find that we can cost-effectively achieve coverage for clients. This generally involves a trickle-down from the initial brief which may start as a press release, white paper, feature article or video.

The process works something like this (with variations):

  • Press Release content feeds the Blog and Social Media – which both add variety and relevance while potentially stimulating conversation.
  • A White Paper goes on the website and the Blog – it also gives rise to a press release and social media coverage driving traffic to the full document on the website.
  • Videos on YouTube channel can also be shown on the website and Blog, and covered on Social Media.
  • Feature articles convert to white papers to go on the website and Blog with press release and social media coverage.

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Good idea

Why do people watch YouTube – yes aside from entertainment – many many people watch “how to do it videos”. I remember one video getting 30,000 hits in a year on how to trim florists’ plastic foam with a knife.

We all like to see how to do something – it gives us knowledge and confidence to do the same or similar ourselves. We are also grateful to the video provider who takes on credibility, status and authority.

The same is true of re-telling in-print stories of how your customers use your products – referred to as “application stories”. Tell one prospective customer how someone else saved time/money/solved quality problems/achieved an otherwise impossible task – then you have a really powerful testimonial.

So don’t take your customers application for granted – once you have solved their problem turn the story into valuable content for your PR or Social Media campaigns – your sales team will – eventually – love you for it.

Take a look at your customer list and ask “What do they do with our product?”

The answer may surprise you and provide prospective customers with an interesting approach to their own problems, and so bring them to your door.

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Don’t be afraid to state the obvious!

Thumbnail image for Don’t be afraid to state the obvious!

Often it is important that we are not afraid to state the obvious – it may not be obvious to everybody and those people, newcomers to the field perhaps, will thank you for it. Just don’t tout it as new wisdom – or you will bore and probably offend the people to whom it is […]

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Web traffic and web presence information

From time to time I see in the SEO related newsletters and am told by individuals that the best web traffic and web presence information is provided by Google Analytics and further that an in-depth understanding of the black box algorithm they use is vital to marketing on the web. These same people sometimes go […]

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Creating Content for Industrial SMEs

This Whitepaper describes the basis of producing “marketing content” for use in the promotional mix of industrial SMEs Starting from the basis that we often forget that “content” is what you talk to customers about every day – Ian offers the working definition that it consists of the words, images and other informative material that […]

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The visual content revolution is upon us!

After many years of urging clients to use video clips online I do believe that the visual content revolution is with us. Interestingly the case for video is already made – the only question is how do we get the cost down while maintaining a reasonable quality of production – but that is coming with […]

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So what is “Marketing”

So – if we are to “out market” the competition it makes sense to consider “what is Marketing?” – indeed I often get asked something similar. Although just as often people struggling to understand will tell me their own limited idea couched as ” well of course Marketing is …….” usually followed by “telesales”, “e-marketing”, […]

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How to get on page 1

I am often amused by people’s fascination with getting themselves on page one of organic searches – as an agency we have never tried to achieve this – rather it has beeen a pleasant and surprising side effect of what we consider as “just doing the job right”. To the point where we have clients with […]

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