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So you’ve decided you need to do something to support sales – maybe you have some marketing skills in your background – maybe not. So the question is – what to do?

If you go online there are lots of websites promising to write any kind of content, fill it with keywords, send it to everywhere and report back their success. Without understanding your business or that of your customers, or understanding your salespeople. Of course, you can employ an expensive junior who can run a keyboard to deal with this – but will probably have no idea what your products are or what they do or why customers might want them. But a junior is “my person” well yes. except without many years of knowledge, they are handicapped from the start.

You could possibly get a sales engineer to do some marketing – maybe social media – but they are likewise handicapped and now they are not only expensive, but they are not doing the sales job you need them for either.

On the other hand, an external marketing agency can understand your products and services – which may be very specialised. They can understand the relationships in and around your business – and from long experience, they can deal with the media to ensure that valuable information is channeled from you to your potential customers. They may well have worked in sales across a variety of industries and so be adept at adjusting to your environment – a good agency can effectively become part of your company.

We are very proud that over the past nearly 30 years we have helped clients through many economic ups and downs and enabled a lot of people to keep their jobs.

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Times they are a’changin

I heard this recently and have to agree:-

“Companies think hiring a junior to handle their social media is ticking the marketing box! The marketing function has become more important, not less post-Covid. Particularly as sales teams are struggling to get hold of prospects by phone / f2f in the way they used to!”

It seems to me that the online bubble created in B2C is set to burst for B2B, if it ever really did what was claimed for it, and more experienced, proven techniques are called for – so who ya goina call – Ghostbusters?

So presumably there is an answer? Of course, pretty much anything that still requires one human being to talk to another – such as………:-

Long-term relationships with many editors and publishers.
Established reputation for the provision of good content.
Long Experience in the manufacturing industry.
A complete cost-effective service
Niche agency – a specialist service for small to medium-sized component suppliers.

So contact a human being to discuss your industrial marketing needs now.

Net Zero presents a huge and little appreciated opportunity for us all – I recently went to a meeting of manufacturing business people, where Net Zero was discussed at length. What I understood from the conversation that day was that Net Zero is seen only as a way to save on costs. Actually it is much bigger than that – it opens up completely new markets – a whole new customer base for new products, new equipment, and new manufacturing approaches.
Net Zero is first and foremost a new sales opportunity for everything that is required to do things differently – to minimise waste, to maximise recycling or to eliminate the need, to convert to renewable energy or to reduce energy use. Every time a company wants to move toward Net Zero it is likely they will need new equipment or new technology to enable the process. Each project presents a new opportunity to increase sales and save the planet whether for 3D manufacture or recyclable packaging.

If we don’t do this our children will end up living in a world resembling an overheated rubbish tip with a few parks and zoos.
Somewhere down the line, there are many, many political issues to be dealt with but whatever the politics ingenious technologies and manufacturing industry can help provide the solution.

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In conversations over the past year or so I have noticed a trend – where many companies have walked away from successful marketing activities stating their intention to do it in house. Now with a year or so to look back on I see that to varying degrees they have done very little in-house or otherwise – while the ones who have stayed with proven activities are having record sales.

There has been a lot of panic and a dash for change, all for the best of possible reasons, so may I respectfully suggest that now would be a good time to review the past, put aside our pride, consider carefully the shiny bells and whistles of the Googlesphere and choose to do some simple, effective and low-cost marketing.

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Just to refresh for the sake of anybody considering their way forward I offer a personal view of the role of PR in B2B sales/marketing

PR is an integral support for the sales team
PR/media activities reach potential new customers without the need for cold calling
They free salespeople from low-value calls, which are in any case not well received by people often working from home with their phones switched off.
A media/content program frees a company from the need to employ high-quality and expensive sales engineers to do low-return cold calls
This enables sales engineers to focus on what they do best – dealing with specification enquiries and resolving problems – often requiring face-to-face interaction.

Who wouldn’t want such a program on their team at this time of change?

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What can PR and the tech media do that Google can’t?

Well, that is a very good question with some interesting answers:-

Between us, we can provide a constant stream of valuable information
Create multiple points of contact over an extended time period
Provide a huge background of archived information which builds up over many years
Present in-depth pieces about technology, application, and guidance for usage
Offer guidance about trends

This results in a de facto relationship between the supplier and their customer audience generated by the working relationship active between PR content providers and the trade/tech press, both online and print-based. A relationship that exists in the minds of the participants purely because they are engaged across the media.

Regarding traditional print media – it has been shown to be significantly easier to read than a screen, while the information gathered this way is also better understood and remembered.

Google itself does none of these things, although we use it and other search engines as librarians to aid us in achieving them.

Marketing cycles in B2B

Within the industrial manufacturing arena “Marketing” seems to be in a period of once again being poorly understood and undervalued, this is a fashion that cycles around every few years.
It seems to be considered that everything has changed with the Internet – it has not – the basics and the principles have stayed the same – sadly the baby has often been thrown out with the bathwater and new marketing embraces much that is a fashionable (and expensive) new gimmick, while forgetting proven old ideas simply because they are old, without realising that they are also very effective.

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Industrial marketing strategies

I have been reading a bit about how the last two years have been marked by change in the industrial/B2B/SME marketplace and how our websites should help potential customers through their research and selection process with perhaps a zoom call occasionally with a salesperson to iron out any problems.

Really? Hasn’t it always been the case that customers want the quickest route to identifying a solution to their purchasing questions? What is clear is that instead of interrogating a catalogue and a sales rep or telesales today the process is much shorter. People are less receptive to speculative calls – actually, most are unreachable since they are working at home with their phones off. This means that the old role of the sales rep no longer includes seeking out new business – they are now needed to follow up when invited or to present an onsite presence in sorting out detailed specifications or dealing with problems.

The front end conclusion, therefore, is that it is ever more important for suppliers to get their online profile in front of engineers seeking products and processes, and that means appearing on page one of your favourite search engine organic results – unless you want to pay, which is also an option, but probably more difficult and expensive than it appears.

Which brings us to the world of Press Relations (PR) and Social Media – frequently dismissed (perhaps because of old prejudices) but actually one of the few ways where we can present design and production engineers with a steady flow of useful or even valuable information that helps them to resolve their questions. We do this by joining the established media flow which presents a steady and timely data stream from suppliers to customers – a communication channel including the web and print media. When our clients stand out in this channel their website traffic and RFQs increase – also giving an opportunity for an interpersonal sales discussion. The process hasn’t really changed but the emphasis has, making PR and Social Media so much more important to the whole industrial marketplace.

Critical to this information flow is the presence of an established and respected trade and tech media in the shape of proactive publishing houses that address the many niches that exist.

Merry Christmas from The Industrial Marketing Agency