I see around the net that recruitment has taken a welcome upturn and it reminds me that the UK is a fount of creativity in STEM subjects which deserves nurturing by the older more experienced people in industry. Unfortunately, each time we have a recession industry loses its older more experienced people, who are the very ones with the knowledge and experience needed to pull us out of the situation.

So I wonder how can we address this loss of cultural capital? Has anybody out there got any innovative ideas about how we can tap into this knowledge so as to speed up recovery?

The relationship of SMEs with Trade & Tech media can be a bit awkward but with a little effort can be immensely rewarding on both sides. Just like any other relationship it needs a connection based on equal trust. In a PR sense this involves playing our part by regularly providing interesting/valuable material in a form that can be published with the minimum of effort. Being responsive to editorial requests – a feature article at short notice can really help meet media deadlines.
And of course like any business they can’t survive on air so if you want the media to help you – expect to spend some money with them in a focused way.

I am interested that the Green Agenda is getting more attention now – as the inheritors of the first industrial revolution wouldn’t it be great if UK manufacturing could help save the planet while regenerating itself. There are so many opportunities in renewable energy, renewable materials, product repair and recycling, waste recycling, and so on.
These are great business opportunities and the mood seems to be right.

I have been reminded in a number of conversations recently that our manufacturing industries are engineer led – unlike much of the internet and social media we are involved in talking to people who are very focused, jargon savvy and highly educated/intelligent. This means that we are able to quickly convey valuable information – things like performance, savings, capabilities, new features etc. to people who like an “in-depth read”.
It also means that a lot of recommended internet practices may be counter-productive, especially if it means we end up “talking down” to our audience.
If you are in industrial marketing or tech media how do you deal with this issue?

Time to invest in your marketing

I am delighted to see that there is a lot of talk about re-investment in our industry – capital allowances and special loans and so on being made available. So I believe now is a good time to support by ramping up marketing activities. We all know that there is a lag in the system […]

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How we can work together with the media

I wonder what magazines you read – and what your relationship is with the press? From 40 years personal experience I have seen just how innovative and proactive our media scene is in the UK. We have probably the best B2B media in the world so let’s consider how we can all work together to […]

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Building a pipeline of valuable information

We believe that good execution of Industrial Marketing involves a process that offers manufacturers of components, assemblies and equipment a lifeline in times of survival and an opportunity in times of growth, by ensuring that client company products and services are continuously presented to potential customers and to existing ones. This involves the presentation of […]

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Traditional media offer an important route to the internet through PR

For SMEs considering what to do in economic recovery I would suggest that we can see that for the past decade or more traditional media have offered an important route to the internet. This has been both independently and via search engines such as Google, greatly enhancing the online presence of companies far beyond the […]

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The Green Agenda is good business

At The Industrial Marketing Agency we foresee a great future for UK manufacturing industry in the Green Agenda – our clients are addressing this. We believe it is the way forward to sales and jobs so this is the time we can all re-structure to help meet zero carbon for the benefit of the planet. […]

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Business is personal – it depends on trust

I have heard concerns about marketing voiced as “I know I need to do something but I don’t know what” and then “we tried it ten years ago but the guy didn’t do anything” or again “we did an advert a few years ago but it didn’t work” – ignoring for the moment the huge […]

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