How PR and SEO work together

It seems reasonable to consider that the first responsibility of a marketing executive is to understand the market in which they operate. One area that is easily overlooked is terminology – what do people call your product?

This is especially important if for example you have a non-UK head office who insists on a global generic product name that while it makes sense is actually never used in the U.K.

Google does not know that this global generic is also known by a swath of maybe 10 more commonly used industrial jargon names. So unless you as a marketer put those jargon names into your website, your SEO and your publicity – you will simply not be found online by the great majority of searchers who call your product something completely different.

For example, as a manufacturer of “car locks” if you want to be found for “vehicle security systems” you need to be explicit. Google will not know (as we do) that a “car lock” is a “vehicle security system” or part of one.

It may however conflate the words “vehicle”, “security” and “systems” from different parts of your text, but will generally list these below someone else who uses the phrase “vehicle security systems”.

Having done this “jargon SEO” then monitor your web presence and traffic for these new keywords – especially in your long tail search strings. Equally of course, if you insist on calling your product something “corporate” that no-one else has heard of, then you are unlikely to get many searches for it until you have put a lot of money into promoting your new name/brand, along with all its synonyms, although you will come top of page 1 if it is actually unique – even if no one is looking for it.

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The tip of the industrial marketing iceberg

From qualitative research across our client base we estimate that 23% of free web coverage is corporate website, 22% is corporate blog and 55% is from third party sites – online journals, online directories – which get picked up by search engines.

This includes some photos and some videos but does not include:
–    Video channel internal searches, e.g. YouTube
–    Editorial newsletters
–    Industry blogs
–    Social media internal traffic
So there is clearly a lot to do for free!

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successful-everybody-knows you

What do you do in a small niche market where everybody knows you?

In truth it may be a small niche (even incestuous!) market but it will always be fluid – people leaving, people moving around, people coming in – a churn rate which has been estimated at 40% over a 2 year period – and even the most conservative technologies change in response to many internal and external factors.

So what do you do once you are on page 1 of your favourite search engine – well clearly you make sure you stay there and arrange to be there more often for more search terms.
As many champions have found before, winning is only the first step – keeping the top spot is often a lot harder work than getting there.
So you simply do the same stuff that got you to page 1 and more. You keep the pot boiling and add more ingredients; you re-present the menu and extend it.
Then you work on service, response, stock etc. etc. to ensure that you keep your core customer base while adding new ones.

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good idea plus team work equals success

In fact a good website provides most of what a good sales/technical support team has to offer – but all it can offer is information.

A good sales engineer can offer much more such as guidance and informed opinion based on an understanding of the customer’s problem. Today the best sales engineers can also add the information that cannot be packaged on the website and make the connections which make big differences. For example – when a published spec is conservative, when a cheaper/more expensive option would be a better choice – what “better” might even mean in a particular context, fluid information like delivery times, new products coming soon but not announced or not on the website yet, products listed but not available or which may be fully developed yet, and manufacturing options not generally known.

A good sales engineer and tech support team are worth their weight in gold because not only do they know the right questions they also know to get the answers.

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Industrial website design

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Industrial website design seems to be maturing into a stylish but very focused search friendly catalogue format, backed up by a wealth of valuable material: –    Data sheets –    CAD downloads –    Specification guides –    Application guides –    Technology tutorials –    “How to” videos Call us to see how you can use our industrial website design […]

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Trickle-down content marketing

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By taking a systematic approach to content generation and dissemination we find that we can cost-effectively achieve coverage for clients. This generally involves a trickle-down from the initial brief which may start as a press release, white paper, feature article or video. The process works something like this (with variations): Press Release content feeds the […]

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It’s all about perspective

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When I took on my first proper marketing job (as marketing manager for a small company in the enclosures business) I was given a sales territory of my own – it was local and smaller than the other sales engineers but I was accountable for it and had to spend time “on the road”. I […]

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Don’t take customer applications for granted

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Why do people watch YouTube – yes aside from entertainment – many many people watch “how to do it videos”. I remember one video getting 30,000 hits in a year on how to trim florists’ plastic foam with a knife. We all like to see how to do something – it gives us knowledge and […]

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Globalisation has a long way to go yet!

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Clearly we are still in the early stages of globalisation – with the great manufacturing engine that is China starting to find life difficult courtesy of re-shoring and economic downturn. Will we see Chinese companies become more aggressive again? They already have some really big players to rival the biggest the west has to offer […]

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The importance of how a company does things – Don’t leave your customers with a problem!

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Finally, the third in our series on the importance of how a company does things – Don’t leave your customers with a problem. If you go to an expert you expect them to sort your problem, yes? Not to find the Holy Grail but to at least try and if they know they can’t do it, […]

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